Strives in personal scholarship for individuals will create a thriving society..

Hällo,Willkommen, Ich glaube an die Menschheit. Ich bin jonquil und Ich möchte die schönen Dinge im Leben finden.

How to make it out of inferno

  • See it through
  • Hold yourself to the same standards you put on others
  • Enjoy the roses
  • Consumerism has ruined the standards of craftmanship and has given in to the unpatient demands of its buyers. We have lost all displine to the need to have it now. i challenge this idea buy showcasing what tenacity can bring. To inspire put you to put blood,sweat, and tears into eveything you do. why do we buy things that and consume products that cannot stand the test of time. High quality or no quality. We have not earned the look of real gold when we wear fake metal. What has happened to one of a kind? A thousand reprints of a Led Zeppelin band tee at walmart is as good as trash. Its lifetime is those of a ant, waiting to be discarded. They bulid new apartments while abandon homes lay vacant. We allow antiquity to be lost under rust and reach for plastic alternatives. We dont know what to do with the old and make more trash for us to suffocate under.

    Do you know where your kids are?